Momindum TV

Download our product sheet to discover how Momindum TV centralize all your corporate's videos on only one ergonomic and centralized platform.

Nowadays, companies are increasingly using Web TV to train, communicate and share information with their customers or teams such as marketing, sales, training, executive committee or internal communication.

Momindum TV is a professional WebTV aimed for large-sized enterprise but also medium-sized enterprise. Its goal is to centralize all your videos. 

Momindum TV allows your team to have a simple and fast access to the information. 

What's Momindum TV? 

  • It's a complement to Momindum Cloud
  • A strong "Video Content Management System" (Video CMS) to run and manage all your corporate's videos.
  • Secured system and streaming distribution: While using the WebTV, you benefit of all the technological power of Momindum Cloud. 

Discover all the functionalities of Momindum TV by downloading the product sheet. 

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